Who we are

The BikeHub was born in early 2012 and emerged from Andri Hafens’ the Fiinschliff Veloatelier. Andri built up Fiinschliff in 2011 from scratch and got know very well in Zurich for his stylish custom bikes and the Canadian bike brand Norco. When Ralf and Silvio saw Andris shop for the first time it was all clear: we want to become part of this story! Just a few months later the one-man company Fiinschliff became BikeHub AG – Zurichs new hub for all bikers!

The BikeHub family consists of Andri, Ralf and Silvio:


Andri got caught by the bike-virus during his IT apprenticeship und quickly realized that suspension travel and downhill slopes are his world. He spends as much time as possible on singletrails and loves to tinker with his bikes. With his broad knowledge in freeride and freestyle bikes Andri is the perfect BikeHub CEO.


Ralf became his first mountain bike at the tender age of 10 – an Allegro Puch with fat offroad tyres – and could not break away from offroad bikes anymore. With his knowledge in economics and law he supports the BikeHub mainly in the finance, accounting and purchasing space.


Silvio can often be seen in the mountains, either on two planks or two wheels. With his business informatics background and father of two kids he enjoys every minute on his bike saddle, especially when riding his Norco Range or Aurum. As an allrounder, Silvio supports the BikeHub in various areas.